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The team at Inspirational Travel Plus are more than just an overseas Travel Specialists, they also know a fair few places to visit in your home country and can find you what you are looking for. So are you looking for a staycation with a difference? Whether you seek a holiday in the city or would like to get back to nature, or even take a trip to the beach or a lovely weekend spa retreat. Inspirational Travel Plus will surely find something for everyone.

Romantic Tent
Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi
Friends at the Beach

No matter how much you crave it, sometimes you can not go on an overseas holiday. You may lack funds, have no time, or the worldwide pandemic restrictions are limiting where you can holiday. Having a holiday in your local area or country is a perfect choice during times like these. We will research your country for the best possible spots that you can visit and make sure that you feel like you are away from home.

The Positives of a Staycation

There are so many positive reasons to take a staycation in your home country. Firstly, you get to explore places you might not have visited for years, if ever before. No matter where you live, there are bound to be some hidden gems. Taking a staycation helps boost your local economy and so many hospitality businesses especially small businesses need that support now more than ever. You also don't have to travel too far to get away, unlike a long-haul flight which can take hours and hours for you to arrive at your destination. Finally, you can take more trips than if you were going on a traditional two week holiday. If you go on your staycation for a few nights, you will have the time and the budget to take multiple trips throughout the year. This means you get to tick even more places off your list!

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