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Want to have less stress from the start of your vacation?


Find out how you can evade long lines at check-in.


Know what to do when you arrive at your destination.


Avoid Jet lag.

Since our team have become travel professionals and travel to different destinations, we have picked up tips that can make your life easier. Let’s start with booking early...


  • As soon as you have your vacation in mind, get in touch with a travel professional. They are there to take away the stress of planning, researching and booking.

  • Your travel professional will find you the best deals, perks and upgrades that may be available. They will also sort out any issues or concerns that you have. If you are a frequent flyer, tell your travel professional. This will enable them to source out what benefits you may have.

  • The earlier you book the better. There is nothing worse than having to settle for an alternative vacation.

  • Make a list of what is needed. You may think that you have all the time in the world, but trust me it creeps up on you and you end up forgetting things.

  • If you are taking your mobile/cell phone the service provider will be different. Remember to set it to roaming before you leave.

  • Ensure you have the correct documents and that they are up to date. It takes time to order or renew a passport or get a visa.

  • Print at least two copies of your documents. Email one to yourself and one to a relative or friend. This way it’s easily accessible.

  • If you are not sure about the climate or what to take, get in touch with your travel professional. They would only be too happy to assist.

  • Pack a smaller bag with your 'must haves' for when you are on the plane. You can then place it under the seat and use it when needed.

  • Arrange your ground transportation to the airport beforehand and not on the day of departure.

  • Check traffic news on the morning/day of your departure for up-to-date news bulletins. It saves you worrying about missing your flight due to traffic delays.

  • Remember most airlines ask that you arrive 3 hours before your International flight and 90 minutes before your domestic flight departs. If you are unsure, check with your travel professional.     




You are packed and have arrived at the airport, beaming with excitement. Your vacation and a chance to relax is so near, but things can still go wrong. What do you do?


  • Place a tag with your destination name and address outside of your bag remember to change to home address when returning home, also place a sheet of paper on the inside of the baggage with the same details as well as flight number.

  • Tie a coloured ribbon or belt to your luggage. It will set them apart from the other luggage when you reach your destination.

  • Have your documents ready to hand to the agent at the desk. Keep your passport and boarding pass safe but accessible.

  • Remember to place any liquids in a clear sealed bag before going into security. Bags are provided, however, take change with you as some airports may charge. Alternatively, use clear Ziploc bags.

  • Try and wear simple clothing and footwear. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for someone to remove tons of clothing and jewellery.

  • Avoid being humorous to the immigration officer. Be pleasant and polite, but be straight. 

  • Once you are through security, give yourself enough time to do your duty-free shopping before going to the gate. Some gates have a long walk to them.

  • Not everything in the duty-free shop is cheap. Check the prices locally before purchasing at the duty-free shop in the airport.

  • Purchase disinfecting wipes for the plane.

  • When doing duty-free shopping, have your boarding pass ready to hand to the assistant.                  





What kills the excitement of a vacation? Miles of people queuing. You are with your luggage, rummaging through your bags for your documents and getting frustrated. Read the guides to see what method is best for you.


* On-Line Check-in

You can check in online in the comfort of your home. This is done via the airline site through ‘Manage My Booking.’ You can check in, reserve your seats, confirm your details and print your boarding pass. If applicable, you can also order your onboard snacks. This can be done 24 hours to 90 minutes before your flight departs. On some flights it is mandatory you check -in beforehand or face a fee at the check in desk.


* Self Service Kiosks

Although you still have to check in at the airport terminal, these queues are usually shorter. Scan your passport or e-ticket, select your destination and confirm your seat. Your boarding pass will be printed. Go to the ‘drop-off’ luggage point and drop off your luggage. These kiosks are often open before the check-in counter, 24 hours to 90 minutes before your flight departs. Check your airport to see if they have such kiosks.


* At The Check-In Counter

  • Before going to the counter, have your documents to hand. If your e-ticket is on your mobile have it opened on the correct page to show to the agent. Fill out any forms, as you will need to hand this to the airline representative.

  • At the counter, hand the airline staff your passport, e-ticket, and your destination form. Then place your checked luggage on the conveyor belt, you may be asked to weigh your hand luggage.

  • If your travel professional didn’t allocate you a seat on the plane, one will be designated to you. Ask the representative if you want a preferred seat.

  • Collect your boarding pass and head to your departure gate. Remember to keep this and your passport in you hand, you will need to show it as you go through security.



You have finally arrived and although tired you are very excited. Your guard may be down due to exhaustion, or hot or thirsty. Don’t worry, your travel professional would have taken care of getting you to your accommodation. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a few knowledgeable tricks up your sleeves.


Your travel professional would probably make sure that you arrive in the daytime. Not only is it safer, but businesses are still opened. Getting to know where you are going and finding something to eat and drink will be easier.

  • At times travellers take too much luggage and end up struggling from one place to another. Make sure you only take what you feel is necessary.  Think in advance: can I manage this by myself? 

  • Keep your valuables and documentation secured. You may not know the destination or culture, so be aware of pickpockets. You may be tired, disorientated and your guard might be down.

  • Follow the exact instructions that your travel professional sent to you as to where to go for your shuttle or taxi. If in doubt, go to the information desk or get in touch with your travel professional, they are there to help you.

  • If you can, before you leave invest or download a map of your destination. If not ask the receptionist at your accommodation.

  • Have the address and phone number of your accommodation, where it is easily accessible. You can show the taxi or shuttle driver exactly where you are staying without any confusion.

  • If you didn’t exchange any money before you left, use the ATM or currency booth before you leave the airport. It might be some time before you find one and the hotel rate of exchange may be lower but don't always rely on this.




You have arrived at your accommodation and excitement is building up. Depending on the type of resort you are staying at, you may have a porter to assist you with your luggage and show you the reception area. Although your vacation started from the time you left home, the feeling of actually being there is overwhelming, with happiness of course.


  • At the desk, take time and get acquainted with the reception staff, concierge and porter. They are your first port of call and the ones who will really be helpful if and when you need assistance.

  • Stay with your luggage unless you have a porter with you.

  • Keep your credit card on you, do not place it on the counter. Anyone with a camera can get your number. Let the receptionist bring the machine to you, do not let the card out of your sight.

  • If a porter accompanies you to your room, have a quick check of your room before they leave. Again personal safety.

  • Check the locks on the doors and ensure that they lock properly. Keep the door locked even when you are in the room.

  • Always use the safe to secure your personal items and documents. You do not need everything when you go out, so leave unnecessary items in the safe. Use a code that only you and your family knows.

  • If your room does not have a safe, use the hotel safe for your valuables and documents, but get a receipt.

  • If you lose your key or room entry card, report it.

  • If you have forgotten your USB cable, chances are that most hotels have a TV in the rooms with a USB plug-in. Use it to charge your phone and laptop.

  • Using a new memory card for your camera. Take a selfie! If you misplace or lose your camera, you can say it’s yours when you claim it back.

  • When signing in, ask the receptionist for two of the hotel’s business cards. Place one by the phone in your room and one in your purse/wallet. You can say or show exactly where you are staying in an emergency or to the taxi driver.




There is a saying that West is best and East is a beast. This is to do with the time zone. Traveling from one time zone to another fools your body and when you are trying to sleep, your body thinks it should be awake. Jet lag affects different people in different ways. How long will it take for you to recover from jet lag? There are no fixed answers, it all depends on age, health, and stress level.

No matter where you are going - East or West - these guides will help you enjoy your vacation.

  • Relax prior to you flight, especially if you have a rigid routine. Be flexible with your arrangement, it will give you an advantage.

  • Trying to make yourself tired so that you can sleep on the plane is a mistake. You are making sudden changes to your routine and this will make it harder in your new time zone. Instead, get a good night’s sleep, especially if it is a long-haul flight.

  • Sleeping pills and any other medication to make you sleep is another mistake. They will not help you get over jet lag but will make you feel fuzzy and light-headed when you land. Do it naturally! If you need to snooze, take a nap.                                                               

  • Drink tea and water instead of coffee, alcohol, and sodas on the flight. The sugar in these drinks will dehydrate you rather than hydrate you. Saying that you can have a glass or two with your meal.

  • Set your watch to the time zone of your new destination. Thinking in that time makes a big difference.

  • Start eating three meals a day in line with your new time zone, even if that means having your breakfast at eleven o'clock in the morning.

  • When you arrive, keep moving. As soon as you arrive at your accommodation, put your bags in your room and start exploring. Fresh air and exercise will allow you to reset your batteries and take your mind of wanting to sleep. Keep yourself awake until it is your ‘normal’ bedtime.

  • As tempting as it is, go slowly with the alcohol and cocktails. You would want to try new drinks. However, your system may not be used to the mixture of jet-lag, heat, the new time zone, climate plus alcohol. Stay hydrated.

Safe travel, smile, relax and experience new adventures.



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